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Maintenance of artificial turf Football Field


  Construction Technology of adhesive Technology for artificial turf.Mowing the lawn on both sides of the lawn before bonding should not be modified to clean, rough surface to ensure smooth;Then paint glue brush in the bottom, control the thickness of the glue, glue to be uniform, not repeated brush, avoid dispersion phenomenon;The adhesive suspension is bonded under temperature and humidity.When the adhesive is aligned, not a dislocation phenomenon.

  In addition, when the artificial turf non-woven cloth laying, the direction should be displayed in the artificial turf laying direction vertical angle, the angle should be 90 degrees;The gap between non-woven and non-woven fabrics is small, so it can be closely supported.There is pressure and solidification, with a rubber hammer to hit bonds, make it strong, the general maintenance time is 3 days.The construction environment temperature of artificial turf should be controlled at 0-40 ℃, stop the construction of rain and snow;The adhesive adhesive monotone time should be controlled between 10 and 15 minutes.Where lawn maintenance ends during curing, to avoid exposure, flooding and moving phenomena, ensure lawn arrives at adhesives.The process of quartz sand laying: the sand filling height of quartz sand is 10 mm lower than the remaining height of lawn, the speed of propagation should be uniform, and the integration method of quartz sand laying is laid on the road surface.To ensure smooth and quartz sand with quartz sand filled rubber particle injection control.

  artificial turf pavement on the lawn shall not enter the transportation, foundation engineering acceptance and acceptance, to ensure the site clean foundation;If the site site is fragmented, then according to the site cleaning, to ensure the construction site clean and construction quality.By reusing measuring tools (such as steel coils), the measurement site size will be accurate and the error will be controlled within the allowable range; if the dimensions are not correct, the correction will be discontinued.The artificial turf of the original lawn is laid evenly and must be laid flat because of the accuracy of field measurement or the perfection of the drawing method.