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Artificial grass is different from real grass conservation


  The maintenance of real grass requires professional lawn care machinery, the hotel is generally not equipped, and if the hotel has about 1000 square meters of laid area.Should be equipped with hole equipment, sprinkler equipment, knife equipment, lawnmower and so on, usually a normal golf course lawn machinery investment of no less than 5 million yuan.The hotel certainly does not need so much professional equipment, but in order to maintain the artificial lawn, the maintenance equipment is very simple, just need some simple cleaning tools.

  Professional mechanical operators, maintenance personnel, maintenance personnel in the real grass management is essential.Non-professional conservationists may die in large areas of lawns as a result of improper maintenance, and even professional golf clubs are common.The maintenance of artificial grass is very simple, only need cleaning workers every day, every three months to clean it.

  Maintenance costs are different because the real grass has to be cut every day, every 10 days to kill insects, every once in a while but also to open holes, sand, fertilization, and so on, the costs are naturally many.And professional lawn care workers must also have special drug subsidies, and the standard has to be distributed to each person per month.And the daily maintenance of artificial grass just needs a cleaner to clean it by the way.Obviously, the cost of using real grass will be much higher than that of artificial grass.