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Essential characteristics of Special artificial Grass for Kindergarten


The special artificial lawn of kindergarten includes special base grass, special color runway grass, splice pattern grass.With the advantages of special design, low use cost, convenient maintenance, environmental protection and safety, beautiful appearance and strong adaptability, the special artificial lawn covers and replaces the traditional plastic and PVC paving materials.Compared with Putong artificial lawn, it has stronger pertinence and better adaptability to kindergarten.

1.Safe and environmental protection, strong flame-retardant.The special lawn of kindergarten uses the environmental protection material, has the very strong flame-retardant, does not contain the heavy metal, has basically prevented the children from the formaldehyde and each kind of radiation material harm.

2.Healthy and clean, strong bacteriostasis kindergarten special lawn grass silk all uses the new material, does not add the regenerative material.With special UV laser treatment, can be anti-fouling, antibacterial, antistatic, non-vacuum, easy to clean, even young children crawling on the lawn, skin and lawn contact are not too much to worry about.

3.Scientific design and comfortable use.Special lawn for kindergarten uses unique ergonomic structure, soft and comfortable, greatly reduces the pressure caused by standing for a long time on the back, legs, ankles, and has a great cushioning effect on accidental fall.

4.Advanced technology and strong pull-out force.The special craft of artificial lawn and the grass height of 20 have created the super strong pull out force of lawn, prevent the child to pull the grass to eat by mistake and so on safety problem.

5.Durable and anti-aging.Generally lawn use more than five years of aging is obvious, there are powdery objects prone to cause respiratory diseases in children.The artificial lawn uses high quality raw material, after special treatment to solve the problems in this respect, has super anti-aging property.

6.Beautiful shape, help growth.Artificial lawn uses pattern grass and green grass combination, all kinds of cartoon characters, flowers, birds, insects and fish jump grass, children's cognitive, recognition, exploration ability has been breeding, cultivation and improvement.