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Matters needing attention in renovation of artificial grass in Kindergarten


With its good elasticity and traction, the artificial grass is considered one of the best ground materials for reducing foot and knee injuries by many world-class athletes.Widely used in football, tennis, hockey, track, golf courses and other sports venues.Therefore, more and more kindergartens choose artificial lawn.

The development history of kindergarten artificial lawn has been more than 20 years, and the product types and techniques are also very mature.Of course, as time goes by, the artificial lawn will be replaced and renovated after reaching its useful life; as the saying goes, it is more difficult to repair than the new site, so what problems and precautions will be encountered in the process of renovating a site?

1.Refurbishment means the removal of old ones and the replacement of new ones.Well, the first step is to dismantle it, which is the key link.The first thing to pay attention to during the demolition process is not to destroy the original foundation, which is usually cement, asphalt, or other lime-soil cushions. During installation, the lawn is bonded to the ground or to the joint belt or non-woven cloth by adhesive.Remove the equipment to remove the lawn and joint layer on the line, do not destroy the foundation of the potholes.

2.Pay attention to handling and cleaning old artificial turf, old materials are absolutely not to be used, after many years of use of these old materials have lost its inherent properties, mixed with a lot of dust and dirty garbage.

3.The scrapped materials are in metric tons, so we should take full account of the bidding process. When many novices go to see the field, the lawn is close to being worn out.I thought there would be less garbage to carry and clean, but that's not really the case.

4.Before paving a new artificial lawn, be sure to clean up the site. If necessary, wash it with water. Clean up the dirt above the field, and then start paving again.