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Installation Method of Artificial Grass (ONE)


Installation Method of Artificial Grass (ONE)

Golden Moon not only produces high-quality artificial turf, but also has a professional installation team. They make sure that a small area of lawn installation will be finished in one day.

The installation method is as following:

1.Preparatory Work

We remove the existing earth, dirt, or sand, and clear out any unwanted plants, rocks and vegetation, then we can start our work.

2.Installing the bricks and grinding the edges

We install brick (interlocked) edging around the chosen area. These bricks will not be seen once the turf has been laid, rather it will act as a firm edge upon which to glue the grass. This will keep your turf securely fastened to the ground.

3.Watering and Compacting the Remaining Soil

Once the brick edging has been installed, we then water, compact, and level the remaining soil so that there is a solid, smooth foundation under the artificial grass.

4.Installing A Weed Barrier

Next, we will provide a permeable geomembrane as a weed barrier. This will prevent the weeds from growing out of the artificial turf.

5.Adding a Crushed Rock Base

Then we mix small rocks and stones to form the new base. This provides stability and sufficient drainage under the artificial grass, at the same time it acts as a further barrier to the growth of troublesome weeds.

6.Compacting the New Base

After adding the rocks, we use a rolling mill to ensure it is suitably flat and solid in order to compact the new base.

7.Checking the Level Lines

Before we roll out new artificial grass, we should check and make sure the new base levels are absolutely perfect so as to avoid any unwanted bumps or dips in the turf.

To be continued......[Installation Method of Artificial Grass (TWO)]