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Installation Method of Artificial Grass (TWO)


FOLLOWING with [Installation Method of Artificial Grass (ONE)]

Installation Method of Artificial Grass (TWO)

8.Providing the Suitable Turf  

The installation team chooses the area to be laid, measure the size, carefully trim the artificial grass, and ensure clean and seamless installation.

9.Artificial Grass Glue

Golden Moon rarely used metal nails, which can rust or damage the lawn, so we fix grass to the edges with a strong and durable artificial grass glue.

10.Using Glue to the Seaming Tape

We use the artificial grass adhesive to the specialist seaming tape, connect the rolls of turf together. We also use extra wide sports seaming tape to make sure that the seam never separates.

11.Closing All Seams

Once we've done this, we carefully and accurately close all seams to ensure that the grass remains in place until the glue dries. Then we ruffle up the fibres to camouflage the seams, giving the solid-like impression.

12.Using White Silica Sand

Once the turf is down and connected together the next step is filled. We use 10-20 kgs per square meter white silica sand.The sand is used to provide overall stability and protection. This sand filling is crucial as it helps to keep the artificial grass stands upright, without it the grass seems flat and lifeless.

13.Brushing the Sand

Using our professional machinery, we strongly brush sand into the ground.

14.Finishing the Installation

Finally, we carefully wash the entire installation and surrounding areas, and tidy up our equipment and the rest of the materials, so as to enjoy your brand new artificial lawn