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Kindergarten Artificial Turf


Where there is a child, there is laughter. Children are the hub of a family, are the care between parents, the children are also the pistachio. The national government attaches great importance on creating a healthy and safe living environment for children. Therefore, kindergarten artificial turf was applied to the kindergarten.

Childhood growth is not only the focus of parents' attention, but also the core of the national government. The most time of children is in the kindergarten, like learning, making friends and so on. Therefore, kindergartens need to build a safe and healthy greening place. Among them, kindergarten lawn greening mostly use kindergarten artificial grass.

Golden moon kindergarten synthetic grass is non-toxic and non-polluted. Kindergarten synthetic grass materials use polyethylene(PE) and polypropylene(PP) and other non-toxic materials. And some kindergarten lawn manufacturers, they use low-quality raw materials, containing polyurethane and other ingredients, this ingredient will release harmful gases under the sun exposure, which will have a bad effect on the child's health.

The material of Golden moon kindergarten synthetic turf is Environmentally friendly and the surface layer of it can be recycled. kindergarten synthetic turf use Straight and Curled Monofilament (The type of synthetic turf can be selected according to customers' needs), the turf is like the natural grass and green effect is better. Kindergarten synthetic turf has non-toxic, non-pollution, shock absorption, sports injuries reduction and other characteristics, so as to make the synthetic turf widely used in kindergarten. All in all, the choice of better pavement material can not only bring health for young children, but also beautify the environment.

Hope our Golden Moon will be your better choice.