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Singapore Customers Purchase Interlocking Artificial Grass


On October 28th, 2016, Mr.S from Singapore contacted us through website, he wanted to buy some artificial turf used to decorate his office and he hoped that we could provide several options for him.

Sales manger Tiffany knew that Mr.S was a hospital senior and the area of his office was about 20 square meters, it was easy to damage, difficult to clean, complex to lay if used ordinary artificial grass. Finally, Tiffany suggested Mr.S to use Interlocking Artificial Grass, which was used high-quality material 408818-XO, stitching simply. More importantly, it was easy to remove and clean and also in line with customer's requirement.

Mr.S received two cartons of artificial turf after three days, he said he was very satisfied with our products, delivery speed and after-sales service, and decided to buy 10 cartons again on December 1st, 2016.

Golden Moon Artificial Grass provides not only solutions for each customer, but also quality assurance.
Choose Golden Moon, choose your best artificial grass.