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The Maintenance of Artificial Turf (ONE)


1.Basic Requirements

After the installation of artificial grass for sports is finished, it takes at least 2 weeks to stabilize the grass fiber. Although it allows to hold sports events in this period, we suggest not to permit all heavy machines and unnecessary vehicles to enter playground. Besides, the times for cleaning should be minimized, in particular when temperature is high (if possible, cleaning can not be performed). 
Not like natural grass, artificial grass always can have the best sports performance only after it is used and weathered for several weeks. In this period, it not only requires the grass fiber to be stable, but particles to be filled in appropriately, so as to meet an ideal state which is comfortable and suitable for long-term sports.

2.Cleaning, Dirt Eliminating
Rain is the best cleaner for artificial grass. It can softly clean off the dust and pollen on grass fiber as well as other pollutants from air. Anyway, the garbage on artificial grass should be eliminated in time. The following are the measures to protect artificial grass:
A.Prepare enough waste cans to avoid overflowing.  
B.Mark parking lanes for vehicles to decrease soil and ruts on the playground. 
C.Emphasize smoke-free environment. If possible, it suggests to use the chewing gum similar with cigarette.

3.Small Cleaning 

It can be much easier to use a dust cleaner to clean papers, peanut shells, seeds, adhesive tapes and the like after sports events. An excellent dust cleaner can catch tatters, residue of food and surface dust, etc.. 
The following need attention when using the cleaner: 
--Brush type 
The cleaner needs to have the brush made from synthetic fiber like nylon or polyolefin. The minimum length of it is 2.5 inches. And the brush can not contain metal or wire. 
--Installation of brush 
Correct use of cleaner will not take away the rubber particles filled in the grass. So installation of brush is worthy of attention. Specific installation mode is conditional upon cleaner’s model. It is suitable for cleaner to work when the installed brush can hardly touch the top of grass fiber. Do not install the brush too low so that it can not reach grass fiber, filler or lining materials because too-low installation can damage the grass and affect fillers. And we advise not to use cleaner to eliminate earth. 
--Temperature limitation
In summer, please do not use cleaner if the temperature is over 33℃. 
--Gas emission of vehicle
In order to avoid firing or melting grass fiber due to too high temperature, please do not let the vehicles not being fired off park on the grass. It is prohibited to emit vehicle’s exhaust in the playground regardless of what vehicles.
--Oil spilling 
Prevent the lubricant, lubricating grease and other liquids from spilling or dropping down to the grass because these liquids can make grass fiber change color. So what you must do is to make sure the acid containing liquid similar with battery does not drop down to the grass. 
Usually, the loose wastes need to be cleaned only when it is in need. In the period of using the artificial turf frequently, it should be cleaned twice in a month.  
--Cleaning of stains 
For people, polyethylene is well-know to them among many stain-resistant fibers. The majority of stains are produced because of moisture, but polyethylene itself does not absorb humidity. In that case, the “stains” on polyethylene fiber can be cleaned off by water or soapy water. It is very easy to clean off the stains on the artificial grass before becoming dry or hard. As for eliminating solid or putty-shaped stains, first, use scraper to scrape, and then use towel, clothes or paper to blot up the excessive liquid.

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