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The Maintenance of Artificial Turf (FOUR)


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9.Sweeping of the Whole Playground's Turf

Sweeping is the solely effective channel to make your playground keep the best state for sports. 
You need to prevent fillers from being taken out the turf when being cleaned up, and should make sure they are inserted in the fibers evenly and properly. No matter what model of equipment is used to clean up the site, but all should stop the particles from being taken out the fiber. For avoidance of that, the following should be paid attention to: 
The Fluffed fiber is bitter when compared with the crooked or tough fiber. It makes the site look like new, and makes the football roll in the best state. 
Turf cleaning by dust catcher will take out other materials or loose particles from the turf or contribute to they would be blown away. It takes 3 hours to wash the standard football field. We suggest to carry out maintenance twice in a month when it is used frequently, and once in a month in off-peak season.


Installation technologies and products of artificial turf started to access to market in 1989. In fact, the quality artificial grass needs less maintenance and repair. If you choose a right artificial grass, it has no need of maintenance like the nature grass. Anyway, as long as you maintain your artificial grass according to the above said procedures, it will operate well in a quite long time. 
The above said are common problems. Anyway, there are always new issues or unexpected situations, so please do not hesitate to contact the suppliers. And attach great importance to: 
Movable shooting, javelin throwing, discus casting and wearing of spiked shoes. 
Firing, fireworks, welding and the like. 
Use of metal brushes 
Loading is over 3psi (static) or 35psi (dynamic). 
Improper use of cleaners or materials, or use of improper methods. 
High-pressure water spraying is over 300 pascals. 
Vehicle without air-filled tyres. 
--Matters needing attention 
Sweep the site if necessary, and offer more rubbish cans to keep it clean. 
Try to make the motor vehicles get away from the playground. 
Put up the signs of No Smoking around the grass. 
Clean the places needing repair, and use methyl alcohol or propane to eliminate the torn places. If the two substances do not work, use mineral products. 
Put the checked fibers in the satisfied places. 
Spray a little adhesive on the suture and control the amount of it within the proper scope, too much adhesive is more likely to prevent water from entering or flowing out. Wipe the adhesive by knife or scraper, so the entire fiber will be stuck firmly. 
Open up the suture to let adhesive dry in the sun. It should take at least 30 minutes to dry the adhesive before closing the suture. Drying requires time strictly, and the surrounding temperature to be 24 Degrees Celsius and contain 50% humidity. If it is cold or dry, do not close it until the scraped adhesive looks like dry. 
Fiber's place is consistent with the adhesive. 
Distribute fillers in the repaired places and sweep all of them into the turf. And do the same in the places recycled. 
Warning: Methylbenzene and mineral substances could result in detriment on account of flammability and gasification. Use them in the specious or ventilated places except for the places close to fireworks or other places easy to be ignored. And smoking is banned in the area.