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The Maintenance of Artificial Turf (THREE)


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6.Preparation before Race

A.Turf protection
Distributed loading
No firing off fireworks
Timely cleaning
No smoking
B.Pour the ground wet
On many occasions, coaches, players and trainers, during use of the turf, usually pour the turf wet in order to make the temperature decrease. This good way is popular among. When it is very hot, wet playground can evaporate quickly and it lets the temperature actually lower. In the same area, the wet artificial turf matches with the natural grass in temperature. Please note that it will evaporate in a short time. So pour a lot of water when the playground will be used for a long time. 
The surface of the playground only needs to be poured. Do not let the turf immerse in water or is soaked by water, and do not use the polluted water to pour the playground.

7.Small Maintenance

The early spring is the right time to maintain the artificial grass. At this time the playground should be completely checked and it’s surface should be made a small maintenance. Carefully examine to ensure the suture is tight, and ensure the bottom of the entire turf has no damage, tears and firing, etc.. Draw a draft for the entire playground and record each place needing repairing. But please note that the repair should be carried out when the weather is warm and dry. And please do not paste the seams and fill in the turf when the sports ground is wet.
According to our practices, the majority of sports grounds are paid attention to the repair of small natural damage. Whatever, delay of small damages will make the problems worse.
Repair the small tears or the loose sutures:

8.Other Special Repair
a.Ambustion by cigarette
Usually, cigarette can melt the top of fiber, which can lead to hard spots. Use a metal brush (used to scrape the paint) to brush the spot unit it gets away from the fiber. If the spots can not be brushed off, use a razor to cut the spots open and then brush.
b.Empty holes
Compared to the whole playground, the turf in these places is much thinner, and they usually do not be discovered unit after every filling-in was executed for several weeks. Although such areas could not be seen, walking on the turf sometimes makes you have a feeling of low-lying land.
Trimming of these areas:
It is a very important step to further brush the entire playground once. 
Fill a basket of rubber particles in the specific holes and some very thin places, and use a hard broom or small palm to put them into fibers, and then tidy the turf's particles once more.
Clean up the whole playground once more

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