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The Maintenance of Artificial Turf (TWO)


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4.Procedures of Spot Elimination and other Defects

A.Water-shaped dregs
Typical Water-shaped spots include:
Acid, wines, soda, beer, blood, chocolate/coca-cola, coffee, cola, dyestuff, food coloring, fruit juices, stickies, ice creams, latex paint, milk, mustard leaf, ketchup, tea, urine, colorful water and so on. 
--Use a solid fiber brush to sweep off dregs. 
--Use soapy water to scrub at first, and then use water to wash the place with soapy water completely. 
--Use the towel with strong water absorbing to dry if necessary. 
B.Spots washing or oil spots
--These spots, such as carbon rod, spots on furniture, lipstick, metal polish, food oil, rubber scratch, shoe polish, suntan oil, ballpoint pen oil, etc., can be eliminated with a sponge dipping perchloroethylene, and then use a towel with strong water absorbing to dry the places. 
--As for oil paint and coating and the like should be got rid of in time, they can be scrubbed with turpentine or paint remover, and the spots can be washed with cleaner and water, and then use cool water to wash the cleaner and scrub with a lot of strength, and finally use a sponge dipping perchloroethylene to scrub. It is fine to repeat once if necessary. 
--Enamel can be scrubbed with acetone. 
--Paraffin can be scrubbed with a lot of strength or a sponge dipping perchloroethylene.
--Tar and asphalt can be scrubbed with a lot of strength or a sponge dipping perchloroethylene.
Note: Mineral oil and other solvents containing petroleum belong to flammable materials. So please do not smoke or make fire close to containers or solution when use, and ensure the site has a good ventilation. 
C.Chewing gum can be sprayed into small blocks to clean the residues. 
D.Fungus or mildew can be scrubbed with the water containing 1% hydrogen peroxide, and then use water to immerse completely. 
Note: It is detrimental to use spray gun with more than 300psi to spray water.

5.Elimination of Snow and Ice 

Snow and ice have no any influence on the artificial grass. They usually can automatically melt and flow out the site in case of no any help. But in order to make the sports ground available when in need, it is necessary to eliminate the snow and ice on the grass. 
The work requires to eliminate the snow as soon as possible when the race time is coming. It could avoid the situation in which the site needs cleaning because of frozen snow if there is cold wind or the air is moist. Because it is hard to eliminate the ice, to avoid freezing is especially important.  
A.Cleaning machine/Snow blower 
Powder snow is dry, it can be directly got rid of from the playground with snow blower or rotating brush. But please do not make the machine deepen into the grass fiber when use. The use of snow blower requires to note the following: 
First, put the snow blower at the middle of playground so as to clean it part by part.  
Second, change the place where the snow blower stands at the edges of the two parts, and then load the snow into truck. 
At the time, snow blower will continuously work in another area, other snow should be loaded into the truck. 
Finally, use the brush to get rid of the remaining snow. 
B.Use the rubber-scrapping snow plough to eliminate the snow
It is easy to clean off wet or heavy snow in the playground by snow plough. The scraper is like the one installed on jeep or light vehicle. What we should pay more attention to is to prevent the snow blower from deepening into surface layer. You had better put the snow blower on the earth's surface like it kisses the earth to roll the snow back and forth. It is banned to operate wooden or metallic snow blowers or other snow blowers with firm surface on the artificial grass. 
The use of snow plough requires as follows: 
The snow should be swept into layers. 
The snow blower should be adjusted to the proper height, and you need ensure it does not touch the ground. 
The snow should be swept into a pile. 
Use the front part of the loading machine to put the snow in the truck. 
Use the rotating sweeping machine or snow blower to eliminate the residual snow. 
Use a small and heavy lawn drum to pressure the ice blocks into pieces, and other steps are the same as the above said. 
Note: to eliminate the snow and ice only needs to use the equipment with air-filled tyre for the tyre cover, chain and bolt could damage the play ground. It is not allowed to idle the equipment on the playground for a long time, which can damage the turf. 
When the weather is cold, it avoids using waterproof cloth because waterproof cloth is likely to stick together with the turf, leading to a hard elimination. 
C.Elimination of ice 
As the above said, in some circumstances, pressuring the ice blocs on the ground into pieces requires to use the heavy drum. And the little ice blocks can be directly cleaned off from the site. Usually when it is sunny, and the ice or frost is not very thick, they will melt quickly, especially when the playground is being used. 
If the ice is very thick and there is no other means to deal with it, the only way is to use chemical products to facilitate it to melt quickly. But please note that use of any chemical agent could leave sticky or smooth residuals. The playground needs washing when it is appropriate. 
If the ice is very thick, for every 3000 square feet it need scatter about 100 Ibs urea (only for reference, it can be properly adjusted in case of different situations and areas). After the urea is scattered, the ice block shall melt in 30 minutes. The melted ice blocks need washing off by washing machine, squeegee, sweeper or other appropriate equipment. When it is at -12 Degrees Celsius, urea does not work well, and when it is at -17 Degrees Celsius, urea can not melt the ice blocks. A few of urea residuals will leave at the ground, which can be cleaned off when the weather permits. 
Urea may have a slight harm to eyes. Please use water to flush if it flows into athletes' eyes by accident. 
Do not use salt, mineral salt, calcium chloride or other corroding agents, and toxic chemicals to melt the ice blocks on the surface of artificial grass because their residuals could bring harm to athletes, equipment and turf. 

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