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The Way to Maintain Artificial Grass


Artificial grass is a excellent alternative for places where real grass can not grow well. It is more resistant to atrocious weather conditions and repeated use. Artificial grass is not only used in residential applications, like yards, but also in commercial applications, like football fields. If you learn how to properly maintain your artificial grass, you can avoid replacing chunks of it at a time.

Clean your yard regularly using the rake or leaf blower to remove leaves and sticks, because this rotten material may hurt the artificial grass. The raking will groom your artificial grass well.

Water your artificial grass frequently, especially during dry and hot seasons. Make sure that you use the water spray nozzle on a gentle setting. This is helpful to keep the infill in place under the artificial grass. What's more, watering your grass regularly can prevent damage from dirt and pollen.

Use the pesticide treatment during the normal seasons to keep pests from damaging the artificial grass and infill. The typical season starts around the beginning of May and usually ends around the middle of October. It depends on the region where you live and the climate you experience.

Use the weed control treatment if necessary. Crab grass can really damage your artificial grass if left untreated.

By doing these way, your artificial grass can be maintained very well.